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Welcome to the Humble Rising Podcast!  Each week, host Arivee Vargas has conversations with badass, inspirational women of color sharing their own stories and actionable strategies on how to have fulfilling careers and lives. The journey to get there isn’t linear or easy.  Get clear on the life and career you really want and deserve now, and take the action you need to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that are getting in your way. From fear, disappointment, and self-doubt, to purpose, resilience, career clarity and transitions, we tackle it all.  Be inspired, get motivated, gain clarity on your next step, take action, and get ready to rise.

May 27, 2021

In this episode, Arivee shares four pieces of advice to her younger-self that applies to her and many women today regardless of career stage: courage, intention, the power of decision, and owning your unique...

May 19, 2021

This week, I had the pleasure to talk to my friend, trailblazer, mother, thought leader, entrepreneur, lawyer, activist and creator Betty Francisco.  

Betty is a seasoned business executive, board director, investor and community leader. She has over 22 years of experience advising high growth start-ups, non-profits,...

May 13, 2021

In this episode, Arivee shares how to reconcile hustling for future goals with being in the present moment and enjoying life in a way that’s true for you. 

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May 6, 2021


Jasmine is a confidence coach and career strategist for women of color. She has proven coaching programs that help her clients beat self-doubt, build confidence, and boss-up in their career.

Jasmine was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Pace University and...