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Welcome to the Humble Rising Podcast!  Each week, host Arivee Vargas has conversations with inspirational women of color sharing their own stories and actionable strategies on how to have fulfilling careers and lives. The journey to get there isn’t linear or easy.  As an executive and high performance coach, Arivee also shares strategies and stories on how to take care of ourselves, how to pursue meaning, fulfillment, and alignment in our lives. Get clear on the life and career you really want and deserve now, and take the action you need to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that are getting in your way. Arivee also shares her own coaching strategies and tips. From fear, disappointment, and self-doubt, to purpose, resilience, career clarity and transitions, we tackle it all.  Be inspired, get motivated, gain clarity on your the next right thing, take action, and get ready to rise.

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May 16, 2024

This week the tables are turned as Arivee is interviewed by Nelly Alba on her podcast, "Back to HER". 

Nelly is a mindset and life-alignment coach for moms. We talk about prioritizing your well-being, and share actionable advice to help you reclaim joy and fulfillment in your life. It's a conversation about the real self-care - the kind that sustains you beyond the fleeting indulgence of a spa day. 

Nelly was a special education teacher for ninth grade newcomer students. She's also worked as Director of Youth After-School Programs for students in third grade to postsecondary education. She received her Psychology (ABA focused) degree from Hamilton College, and her Master’s in Education at Boston University.


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