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Welcome to the Humble Rising Podcast!  Each week, host Arivee Vargas has conversations with badass, inspirational women of color sharing their own stories and actionable strategies on how to have fulfilling careers and lives. The journey to get there isn’t linear or easy.  Get clear on the life and career you really want and deserve now, and take the action you need to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that are getting in your way. From fear, disappointment, and self-doubt, to purpose, resilience, career clarity and transitions, we tackle it all.  Be inspired, get motivated, gain clarity on your next step, take action, and get ready to rise.

Jan 20, 2022

Life can be overwhelming.  You might feel like there isn’t enough time for you to take care of yourself or to get time to clear your mind.  You spend so much time and energy on those you love and care about and on your work.  But you matter too.  Your well-being matters and you CAN prioritize yourself just as you prioritize the people you love and all the other important things you do.  In this episode, Arivee shares three steps to how to prioritize yourself too.  

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