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Welcome to the Humble Rising Podcast!  Each week, host Arivee Vargas has conversations with inspirational women of color sharing their own stories and actionable strategies on how to have fulfilling careers and lives. The journey to get there isn’t linear or easy.  As an executive and high performance coach, Arivee also shares strategies and stories on how to take care of ourselves, how to pursue meaning, fulfillment, and alignment in our lives. Get clear on the life and career you really want and deserve now, and take the action you need to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that are getting in your way. Arivee also shares her own coaching strategies and tips. From fear, disappointment, and self-doubt, to purpose, resilience, career clarity and transitions, we tackle it all.  Be inspired, get motivated, gain clarity on your the next right thing, take action, and get ready to rise.

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Sep 26, 2023

In this special two-part episode, Arivee is joined again by previous Humble Rising Podcast guest, Dina Scippa.  Dina is a gender equality specialist-turned certified life coach, and Founder of "Enough Labs". She supports women and girls in coaching on the intersections of leadership and confidence, is a seasoned trainer and facilitator, and is invited to speak regularly on radical self-acceptance, women’s empowerment and being enough. She hosts the internationally charted podcast "Embracing Enough", which showcases the stories of women and girls and their journey to feeling confident. She believes that once women accept the unwavering connection to the fact that they can do what they want to do, feel how they want to feel and be who they want to be in this world – it is then when she’s unstoppable.  

In our conversation, Dina and I talk about the thought patterns and beliefs we need to unlearn to love ourselves, truly accept all we are, and become more confident. Often times, women do not celebrate themselves, give themselves credit, or qualify their accomplishments.  It’s difficult for women to feel like they’ve done enough and they are in fact “good enough.”  Dina and I dig deep into this and discuss how women are socialized to people please, to seek approval and validation from others, and how that impacts how we show up, especially at work.  We also delve into what women can do to challenge those beliefs, become more loving and kind towards themselves, and how to step into who they want to be.

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Dina says: “The thought patterns I battled for years and the ones my clients were bringing into sessions weren't isolated. Not accidental. Not random. They were a product of all the messages women pick up as girls that teach us how to find praise, validation and approval. How to socialize. How to seek out love. To fit a mold of what women are expected to be, designed by a patriarchal society. It’s high time that women give themselves permission to unlearn those toxic patterns that have been fueling their negative self talk; to give yourself permission to take up space; and to celebrate who you are and everything you’ve been through!”

In The Unlearning Lab, Dina has designed a program with tools to help you fully understand these toxic thought patterns and how you how to finally break free of their hold. You'll also find support, feedback and advice from a group of people who feel like you do right now but are just as ready to make a change. You won't get a quick fix or a magic bullet, but you will take a massive leap into unlocking your self‑acceptance and self‑love - so you can step into your unapologetic energy and take this world by storm. The program is 10 weeks and all you need is 2 hours a week. You will have complete with access to course module videos and reflection exercises that you will have lifetime access to. Plus, weekly group coaching calls with me and other women who are following the courses that go through the three phases. Phase 1: Identifying the Burden (Your Story); Phase 2: Getting to the Core of Who You are (Your Being); and Phase 3: Getting Clarity on the Woman You are Becoming (The Rising). Lastly, you will have an opportunity to schedule 2 1:1 calls for deeper conversations about your unique unlearning journey; and not to mention peace of mind that you’re not alone and not crazy – just READY!

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